Karluk Siberian Huskies 

Karluk Siberian Huskies have been attending events since 1999, raising money for local charities and various Siberian husky welfare organisations.

I have  been passionate about the breed for over 30 years, at Karluk Siberian Huskies the main aim is to bring public awareness about the breed as well as offering help and support to people that need it. So many Huskies end up in welfare through no fault of their own, they were simply being a husky but their owner may not have known enough about the breed to fully understand their dog and how to deal with certain behavioural traits.

Some of the Huskies you will meet have appeared on tv shows and adverts , they have also been used for celebrity photo shoots.

Honey and Buck are registered pets as therapy dogs.


Hawkwalk is a small, family-owned and run business giving unique experiences for falconry Oxfordshire. We have over 26 years experience of working with British birds of prey and now pride ourselves on being one of the only falconers with a wide collection of British birds. Falconry is quintessentially English and the Oxfordshire countryside provides a rural and idyllic setting for a bird of prey experience. As well as birds of prey Hawkwalk is also home to Betty, the beautiful Raven.

Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue

Fluffy Retreat was established officially in 2011 and is a volunteer run organisation. Our primary focus is the rehabilitation and re-homing of ferrets who find themselves no longer in a loving home, or who can no longer be looked after by their owners. Many ferrets come to us as strays, underweight, covered in ticks and fleas and are scared and hungry. It can take many months to rehabilitate some ferrets and our rehabilitation and neutering program is tailored to each ferret's individual needs. Sometimes we take in ferrets who cannot be re-homed due to temperament, health or age and we offer these a lifetime home either here at the rescue or in supported foster care with our volunteers. Fluffy Retreat attend events throughout the year from school and village fetes, to steam rallies and country shows. . We offer ferret racing with prize betting along with the opportunity to handle the ferrets. We also have a fundraising stall which usually consists of a tombola, craft items and also ferret related goods.

Chrissie's Owls

Chrissie's Owls is a small family run concern and we all have a genuine love of Owls. With the help of our daughter and family plus some very committed volunteers we attend craft and country shows throughout the year to help raise funds for our rescue work.

I have been working with Birds of Prey for seventeen years but admit that Owls are my passion and in 2003 myself and Tom decided to work together and started Chrissie's Owls.

We have a varied collection of Owls most of them hand reared by ourselves although we have kept a few of the many captive bred Owls we have rescued over the years, they are all happy to come out with us and help us promote the conservation of our native species of Owl, we believe that by educating people of all ages about Owls we can make a small contribution to their survival in the wild.

When we started eight years ago we were not sure how things would go but we have been very surprised at the interest and support we have received from people. The pleasure our Owls give to young and old alike is amazing, Owls are wonderful creatures and we are totally committed to helping them all we can.

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